The Nine Waves of Creation with Carl Johan Calleman PhD

September 22, 2016

Aired Thursday, 22 September 2016, 7:00 PM ET

In the past few years the world has witnessed changes in social consciousness whose sudden development the ruling scientific paradigm has not been able to explain. These changes correspond with the activation of new Waves of Creation emanating from the center of the universe that influence human thinking. From the Big Bang to the present, these Waves guide the evolution of the universe and, through their holographic resonance with the human mind, profoundly shape revolutions in religion, technology, economy, and social consciousness.

In his latest book The Nine Waves of Creation, Carl Calleman explains the quantum physics behind the Waves of the Mayan Calendar system and how these Waves allow us to understand the shifting eras on Earth as well as the possibilities of the future. He describes how, prior to the activation of the 6th Wave in 3115 BCE, our social systems were based on a unified cosmic order, but the hologram of this Wave shifted society to an all-consuming focus on Good and Evil, leading to the rise of patriarchal religious structures, slavery, and warfare. He explores how later Waves and their new holograms helped humanity survive the negative effects of the 6th Wave, such as the Industrial Revolution of the 7th Wave and the Digital Revolution of the 8th Wave. In 2011, the 9th Wave was activated, bringing with it an accelerated push for a more egalitarian world, a rising awareness of unity consciousness, and access to the full power of all Nine Waves of Creation.

In this program, Sandie Sedgbeer and Carl Calleman discuss how our individual resonance with each Wave plays a role in the quality of our lives and how we must consciously work to resonate with the higher Waves. Topics include:

* What is the 9th Wave?
* What is happening in the world today?
* How the Waves of the Mayan Calendar System and their holograms shape our human minds
* How we can help manifest the destiny of humanity hinted at in ancient texts
* And more…

About the Guest Carl Johan Calleman PhD

CARL JOHAN CALLEMAN is a scientist and philosopher, born in Stockholm, Sweden, who is recognized as the main proponent up the idea that the Mayan calendar describes the evolution of consciousness and the resulting inner changes in the human beings. He has collaborated with Mayan elders and have helped spread their own message and lectured worldwide on the topic of the Mayan calendar. His three first books inspired by the Mayan calendar have been translated to a total of fourteen languages. His background is however in the hard sciences, where he has a PhD in Physical Biology from the University of Stockholm. Articles he has written have been extensively quoted in the scientific literature and among may other places he has been invited to lecture at MIT, Cornell and the Chinese Academy of Preventive Medicine.


The Dr. Kevin Show - Fernando Rojo

September 22, 2016

Aired Thursday, 22 September 2016, 6:00 PM ET

Fernando is a 20-year-old student at UPenn in Philadelphia. During his freshman year, he founded PATOS Shoes, a social-impact shoe brand that sells handcrafted sneakers made with authentic indigenous textiles from Latin America. Without receiving any venture capital funding, PATOS was featured in CNBC, named as one of 2016’s coolest college startups by Inc. Magazine, and has sold shoes in stores and online across the US.

You can reach him by email and, or on twitter, @FernandoTheRojo.


And Remember we are now a LIVE CALL-IN Show so please call-in on 1-202-570-7057 to speak with Fernando or myself, ask a question or make a comment!!

My Best Sex Stories by Dr. Martha Tara Lee

September 22, 2016

Aired Thursday, 22 September 2016, 4:00 PM ET

In this episode, Clinical Sexologist Dr. Martha Tara Lee shares her very best sex stories in her own radio show. Born and bred in Singapore, Martha experience culture shock when she embarked on her doctorate in human sexuality in San Francisco. She did not expect to explore grieving and reverse culture shock opening up her practice in Singapore. In this no-holds barred show, she shares how her attitudes around oral sex, masturbation, sexuality, spirituality, porn, relationships, aging and disability has shifted over the years.

About Dr. Martha Tara Lee

Founder of Eros Coaching, Dr. Martha Tara Lee is a Clinical Sexologist in Singapore who has a doctorate in human sexuality. She also holds certificates in counselling, coaching and sex therapy. In practice for seven years now, she is the only certified sexuality educator by the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT) in Singapore. This accolade is only for those who meet the stringent requirements determined by AASECT, which is the leading professional organization for sexuality educators, sexuality counselors and sex therapists in the United States.

Often cited in the local media, Dr. Lee is the appointed sex expert for Men’s Health Singapore, and Men’s Health Malaysia. She was recognised as one of ‘Top 50 Inspiring Women Under 40′ by Her World in July 2010, and one of ‘Top 100 Inspiring Women’ by CozyCot in March 2011. She has published two books: Love, Sex and Everything In-Between, and Orgasmic Yoga.

Martha works with individuals and couples in private coaching sessions, and conducts her own workshops. She takes prides in making sure all her workshops are also fun, educational, and sex-positive. This comes easily to her because even though she is extremely dedicated and serious about her work, she fundamentally believes that sex is meant to be fun, wonderful, amazing and sacred. As such, this serious light-heartedness has shone through again and again.

Dr. Deborah Sandella - Goodbye Hurt and Pain

September 21, 2016

Aired Wednesday, 21 September 2016, 8:00 PM ET

We all have negative feelings and emotions from time to time. Sometimes they are easy to process and let go. Other times they seem to linger and prevent us from living fully and freely. What if there were simple steps you could take to clear those destructive and inhibiting feelings like fear, anger and hurt out of your body? What if it were as simple as setting a “self-cleaning” emotional oven?

My guest this week on Destination Unlimited, Dr. Deborah Sandella, uses cutting-edge neuroscience techniques and her revolutionary “Regenerating Images Memory” or RIM technique to show how blocked feelings prevent us from creating the life that we choose. Dr. Deb has helped thousands of people for more than 40 years as an award winning psychotherapist and university professor. She joins us to share her revolutionary technique which she writes about in her new book, Goodbye Hurt and Pain: 7 Simple Steps for Health, Love and Success.

How to Live in Pain & Thrive!

September 21, 2016

Aired Wednesday, 21 September 2016, 6:00 PM ET

Whether we want it or not, many of us live in pain each and every day. Some of us are chronically ill, which means that there’s no real solution to our physical problems. Others live in emotional or spiritual pain. How do we deal with this and remain positive?

About the Host Teri Van Horn

Van Horn has become a powerful intuitive healer and excels in working with Distant, Shamanic, and Crystal Healing, as well as Psychic Protection and Clearing. Teri’s healing specialties include transformational clearing and healing; opening, clearing and working with the Chakras and aura; and psychic protection, in addition to healing physical ailments and diseases.

Teri Van Horn is the channel for The 5th Element – a powerful consortium of Angels, Ascended Masters, Guides, and Loved Ones who are coming at this time to help transform the world and raise it to the 5th Dimension.Her goal is to assist others in reaching their highest potential.

Past Life Regression: Benefits of Regression Therapy

September 21, 2016

Aired Wednesday, 21 September 2016, 3:00 PM ET

Want to know if past lives really exist? What about life in between lives? Tune in tomorrow and call with your questions!

CALL-IN with your questions live!: 202-570-7057

Wendy Rose Williams is a Seattle area Past-Life Regressionist, author, and speaker. She is a Reiki healer, Ordained Minister, and channel for Mary Magdalen.

Wendy’s first short story “A Tiny Bow and Arrow” was published in the “Best of Spiritual Writer’s Network 2014.” She recently recorded her first audio book, “The Shaman and the Goddess,” and is poised to publish her first non-fiction book, “Regression Healing: The Huntsman, the Lord High Mayor and the WW II Soldier.” The book was inspired by an actual client session.

Wendy is also co-authoring a universal life force healing book with the renowned Mystic Robin Alexis, host of the popular weekly “Mystic Radio with Robin Alexis” healing program. Wendy and Robin will begin co-teaching this information as an 8-week teleconference course beginning in early 2017.

CONTACT: Wendy Williams


Phone: 425.502.0362

Wendy Rose Williams”

Reviewers Roundtable - Conscious Books and Films

September 21, 2016

Aired Wednesday, 21 September 2016, 2:00 PM ET

Cynthia Sue Larson, Brent Marchant and Miriam Knight talk about recent books and films that have stood out for them.

Cynthia Sue Larson is a best-selling author, life coach, and inspirational speaker.

Brent Marchant is a writer, speaker and lifelong movie fan and student of metaphysics.

Miriam Knight is the publisher of New Consciousness Review.

About the Guests Cynthia Sue Larson and Brent Marchant

Cynthia Sue Larson, a best-selling author, life coach, and inspirational speaker who is known as “The Quantum Optimist” for helping people discover their many possible selves and jump into their favorite lives as they focus on the question “How good can it get?” Cynthia has been featured on the Discovery Channel, the History Channel, Coast-to-Coast AM, and BBC. (You can watch her videos and subscribe to her free e-zine at:

Brent Marchant has been a lifelong movie fan and longtime student of metaphysics. He is the author of Get the Picture?!: Conscious Creation Goes to the Movies and Consciously Created Cinema: The Movie Lover’s Guide to the Law of Attraction, books that provide a reader-friendly look at how the practice of “conscious creation” (also known as “the law of attraction”) is illustrated through film. Brent maintains an ongoing blog about metaphysical cinema and other self-empowerment topics at:

Connect Soul to Soul with Danielle MacKinnon

September 20, 2016

Aired Tuesday, 20 September 2016, 8:00 PM ET

Danielle got her start in animal communication more than 15 years ago when she took her ailing dog to see a pet psychic. Profoundly affected by that experience, Danielle immediately realized that she had been intuitively connecting and communicating with animals since she was a little girl. Armed with the knowledge that she had found her calling, Danielle immediately began pursuing animal communication (and made plans to leave the corporate world as soon as possible). She spent the next several years learning about animals, FROM animals, and growing her animal communication business into what has now become: a place for people to explore their relationships with their pets and all animals while also helping themselves expand personally and spiritually.

Today, Danielle has been called one of the country’s Best Psychic Mediums and has been named one of the Top 100 Astrologers and Psychics. She’s worked with animals and their humans from more than 46 countries around the world, and has been featured on both national television and international magazines.

Danielle’s book, “Soul Contracts”, has been a smashing success and is currently being translated into other languages. And most recently, Danielle’s work as an animal communicator has been highlighted in Cosmopolitan magazine.

Danielle will be teaching “Soul Level Animal Communication Intensive” Oct. 30th – Nov. 4th in Kripalu – Western Massachusetts, which students will learn how to connect deeply with animals to experience an intuitive relationship like no other. Danielle has designed this week-long intensive retreat to allow you to psychically get in touch with the most spiritual, loving, beings on our planet: the animals. You will also learn the fundamental skills of connecting, understanding, and interpreting what the animals have to say in addition to managing your energy, handling distractions, and developing a trust in your budding intuitive abilities.

You’ll also start mastering Danielle’s unique technique for communicating with animals at the soul level! This class is more than fun, it will push you to open your heart and trust yourself like never before.

This is a show you do not want to miss!

The Three Biggest Business Lies with Linda Albright

September 20, 2016

Aired Tuesday, 20 September 2016, 7:00 PM ET

The Three Biggest Business Lies that Keep Money and Fulfillment from Coming Your Way.

Clutter Clearing as a Spiritual Quest

September 20, 2016

Aired Tuesday, 20 September 2016, 2:00 PM ET

Clutter clearing is more than just clearing out physical “stuff”. Clutter clearing as a spiritual quest is about discovering who are you and who you are meant to become. Feng Shui and Soul Coach Felicia D’Haiti joins me to talk about how to see the invisible clutter in our lives, how it manifests in physical environments and how to empower yourself in making changes. You’ll learn how your home mirrors your mindset, the different types of ‘invisible’ clutter and how they manifest in our home and affect our lives and so much more. Felicia will be sharing Feng Shui tips and concrete steps you can take today to shift the energies in various areas of your home to enhance your well-being, abundance and more. Have a pen and paper ready!

About the Guest: Felicia D’Haiti

Felicia D’Haiti is a Feng Shui and Soul Coach, who guides clients in shifting their perspectives and environments to move beyond perfectionism, fear and self-imposed limitations. Felicia uses a unique blend of feng shui, coaching and energy work to empower her clients in becoming clear about the life they desire in order to map out how to get there.

Recently becoming a cancer survivor, she is particularly interested in weaving self-care strategies into her own life and in the lives of her clients. Felicia is a long-time educator and a contributing author to several books, including the International Bestsellers Inspiration for a Woman’s Soul: Cultivating Joy, Inspiration for a Woman’s Soul: Opening to Gratitude & Grace, and Soul Whispers III: Soul Wisdom for Living the Life of Your Dreams. She lives in Maryland with her husband and four children. Felicia offers on-site and distant consultations and coaching, workshops and certification courses in Interior Alignment® Feng Shui and Space Clearing and Reiki.